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Functional recovery


Neurologic recovery

Neurological rehabilitation is a clear example of what we pursue in CREVIC, integrate the work of professionals to improve people. All this we do with an interdisciplinary perspective (rehabilitation, physiotherapy, neuropsicología, doctor, occupational therapist and other).


One of the most common causes of disability is derived from stroke (stroke). At the same time it is a challenge for us to comprehensively address the recovery of people who have suffered and seek to improve both physical and emotional aspects and improve their ability to perform activities of daily living.


The loss of functional capacity accompanies Parkinson's disease, sometimes, from very early periods. We look to address this disease at all stages accompanying the patient and family at all times when physical rehabilitation and emotional support are essential.


All diseases of the nervous system can benefit from an integrated treatment provided it is, personalized specialized and well run by patients and professionals.
Diseases such as dystonias, lateral sclerosis, neuropathies or paralysis of any origin are the result of our attention and care commitment.


Cancer recovery

In the comprehensive treatment of tumor processes, techniques with chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy that your doctor has, there are a number of measures to help improve the quality of life and recovery of people who have or have had this type of process.

Physical recovery, to improve mobility, increase energy and strength, nutrition as an essential element in a good recovery and psychological support, so important to help a positive approach to health, CREVIC join in improving the cancer patient.


Cardiac recovery

The heart is the muscle that never cease in our body so, when sick, rehabilitate accurate as the most.

Angina pectoris and myocardial

We treat rehabilitation of ischemic heart disease (angina pectoris, myocardial infarction) outside the acute phase of the same.
The programmed and personalized exercise proves to be very effective for Recuper- ar lost abilities after an episode of heart disease and, also, prevents the emergence of new episodes. Cardiac rehabilitation with physical type offers- We our patient counseling therapy that helps prevent fears and improve stress levels.


When the heart works with difficulty (heart failure) There are a number of rehabilitation techniques that improve performance and gain functional capacity. All these techniques, as always under strict supervision of our professionals, They are brought into place in CREVIC.


Respiratory recovery

Respiratory rehabilitation aims to improve breathing capacity that some diseases (chronic bronchitis or COPD, asthma and other) occur in people who suffer.

Chronic Bronchitis

Is the leading cause of respiratory failure in adults and older. With pharmacologic medical therapies that have indicated to the person suffering, our work systems are aimed at improving ventilatory capacity and the mobilization of mucus.


Trauma Recovery and Osteoarticular

Our physical therapists and physiotherapists specialists perform the most suitable techniques for recovering processes such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, cervical and lumbar pain.

Other processes such as rehabilitation therapy of knee or hip prostheses and, in general, postoperative trauma surgery are also addressed by our profes- tional always in accordance with the guidelines and in coordination with your referring physician.


Pelvic Floor Recovery

Multiple circumstances, sometimes in isolation (hormonal, multiple births,age, surgeries) and other jointly, alterations in the pelvic floor are often, as outcome in majority of cases, urinary incontinence.

We offer rehabilitation techniques both for people with problems in the pelvic floor with or without incontinence, and for those who want to avoid these problems and strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent its occurrence.


Active aging

Our active aging programs will allow you to achieve better physical and mental, as well as, prevent disease or improve the condition of existing.

We rely on innovative methods of stimulation by physical exercise, exercises to stimulate the mind, nutritional counseling and everything to improve their quality of life and make the passage of time is positive.